The overall tendency to sensitivity and to allergic reactions can be permanently changed, for life, through homeopathy. This type of constitutional chronic treatment can only be done by a homeopathic physician, however. And your professional homeopath can give you a special remedy available only by prescription: PSORINUM. The beauty of this remedy is that when only a one-time dose is given 14 days before the allergy season starts, it can prevent most allergy attacks and enormously diminish the intensity of the patient’s suffering in other cases.

We don’t have just one homeopathic remedy for allergies and hayfever. The remedies are totally individualized to each patient’s unique symptoms. One of the most popular remedies might be right in your kitchen. Anyone who has cut up raw onions for cooking knows how they irritate the eyes and nose. Onions cause violent sneezing and lachrymation (eyes watering). Then if the homeopathic law of cures is true, it ought to be a good remedy for a runny nose and hay fever. In fact, ALLIUM CEPA (red onion) covers more symptoms of common cold and hay fever than any other remedy! It is indicated in increased secretions from nose, eyes, mouth, throat.

There are other remedies such as EUPHRASIA, AMBROSIA, ARSENICUM ALBUM, WYETHIA, PULSATILLA and NUX VOMICA. Only homeopath consultants knows what is suitable for you