Anxiety & Stress Disorder

PHOSPHORUS 200 – Very restless patients who are sensitive. They need security and constant reassurance. Anxious , restless and nervous due to the fear of darkness, thunder, alone or dying.

PULSATILLA NIG. 200 – Anxiety after bad news or an emotional upset. The patient is weepy , touchy and needs company

SEPIA 200 – Anxious towards evening. Dreads to be alone. Indifferent to those loved best.

SULPHUR 200 – Anxiety with fainting spells, profuse sweating, worse in the morning, mentally lazy, always tired, occasionally restlessness and hasty. Irritable impatient of others, selfish, easily excited and offended, Always in dreams, delusions, thinks rags to be beautiful things. He is a ragged philosopher, very unclean, does not care for neatness, he thinks there is no need of cleanliness. Suspicious and mentally depressed, Very forgetful, confused, absent minded, having aversion to mental, as well as physical efforts. Aversion to bathings sick

Anxiety can be described as a feeling of alarm or worry. It may be about something specific or it may be non-specific in nature. A certain amount of anxiety is normal and helps improve our performance and allows people to avoid dangerous situations. This normally lasts for a short period causing no impairment in social or occupational functioning. When this anxiety is prolonged and affects social or occupational functioning, it’s abnormal and accounts for anxiety “disorder”.

Some of the common things that patients experience are as follows:

Feeling that something undesirable or harmful is about to happen (edginess and apprehension)

Dry mouth; swallowing difficulty; hoarseness

Rapid breathing and heartbeat, palpitations

Twitching or trembling

Muscle tension; headaches; backache


Difficulty in concentrating

Dizziness or faintness

Nausea; diarrhea; weight loss





Memory problems

Sexual impotence

Signs and symptoms

Patients often experience a state of intense apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from the anticipation of a threatening event or situation, often to a degree that normal physical and psychological functioning is disrupted. This may be precipitated due to several reasons which are generally easily identified by the patient himself. The anxiety is of a greater degree than just everyday worries and patients do mention that they are not able to control these worries. They are frequently accompanied with physical symptoms as well. These symptoms have to present for most days at least for several weeks at a time.

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How Homeopathy Helps In Anxiety

Mind has a delicate and complex mechanism to cope up with daily situations. The anxiety disorder of the mind calls for soft, scientific and strategic handling. Most of the patients with anxiety are put to sleep by using the sedatives? Is that an answer? Please think.

Homeopathy goes into the root of the anxiety. What causes anxiety? What situation lead to anxiety? Why is the anxiety? What emotions that you have difficulty coping with? How has been your rearing since childhood? What impact does your childhood has on your current state of mind? There are some of the questions to be answered and the psyche has to be understood. Based on the above profiling, we choose medicine in Homeopathy.


ACONITUM NAPELLUS 30 – Aconite is one of the top homeopathic remedies for anxiety as it covers the acuteness of anxiety attacks. The key symptoms of aconite to be used as a homeopathic remedy for anxiety is the ‘suddenness of symptoms’. Anxiety or distress will come very suddenly and without any premonition and can come at any time. Feeling of impending doom and also fear of death is there.Anxiety attacks happen out of nowhere, at any time and there might not be any perceptible trigger or a reason for it to occur

ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE 200 – Anxiety. Fear of examination. Fear he is being pursued and prosecuted. Stage fright in musicians

CALCAREA CARB 200 – Calcarea carb is also useful for anxiety. The patient thinks that he has done something wrong. He feels uneasy and anxious with palpitations. He fears loss of reason. Calcarea carb patients are desperate of life. Fears insanity. Bores others by repeatedly describing his ailments

ARGENTUM NITRICUM 200 – Argentum nitricum is an excellent remedy for anxiety , especially chronic type.It is for anxiety with dizziness. It is more suited to people who suffer from ‘Generalised Anxiety Disorder’. The main symptoms are – there is constant sense of anxiety – here it differs from Aconite as it is used more when the attacks of anxiety are sudden in nature and are violent. In Argentum patient the anxiety is not violent but is constant. The patient is more of a worrier type and this is what leads to a state of constant anxiety. The patient that requires Argentum lives in a world full of fear, irrational impulses and a forsaken feeling. They are always in a state of worry. They anticipate all kinds of worrisome things They suffer suffer from a severe anticipatory anxiety – the thought of meeting a new person gives palpitations, trembling, a cramping pain in the abdomen and at times a strong urge to pass stool.Argentum patients suffer from all kinds of phobias claustrophobia , acrophobia etc. they usually Avoid crowded places, parties, narrow streets and alleys; fear of height is very strongly marked and looking down even from the second floor sends shivers down the spine.

ARSENICUM ALBUM 200 – Anxiety, anxiousness, and mental restlessness is marked in this remedy. Always moving from one place to another, physically too weak to move, so he wants to be moved from place to place, Fear of death; fear that he is having some incurable disease. Sad and hopeless of recovery, Fear and in anxiety when alone, fees as if he will die soon. Suicidal tendencies, weary of life. Impulse to commit suicide, over sensitiveness to circumstances and surroundings, patients is extremely fastidious, wants everything in proper place even when he or she is sick

GELSEMIUM 200 – Anxiety due to fright, fear, emotions, exciting news or forthcoming examination and interview. Stage fright. Diarrhoea from emotional excitement, fright, bad news.For anxiety chills and hot flushes.

NATRUM MURIATICUM 200 – The Natrum mur. Patient is anxious about everything, even has anxious dreams. Anxiety with chest pain.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM 200 – Anxiety with lack of confidence. The patient is unable to sleep due to the happenings during the day. Anxiety about forthcoming events