Cervical Spondylitis

Cervical Spondylitis is a common degenerative condition of the cervical (neck) spine that most likely is caused by age-related changes (wear and tear) in the intervertebral disc and vertebrae of the neck. Research has shown that CSM (cervical spondylotic myelopathy) is the most common cause of non-traumatic weakness in limbs and a persistent stiffness and nagging pain in the neck.

Most often in people above the age of 40, the intervertebral discs get progressively dehydrated and they become more compressible and less elastic. Mineral deposition starts occurring in the intervertebral disc resulting in secondary changes. Although majority of individuals over 40 years of age demonstrate significant radiological evidence of the above changes, only a small percentage develop symptoms of the same.

Causes for cervical spondylitis

Cervical spondylitis results due to abnormal wear of the cartilage and bones of the neck (cervical vertebrae) with degeneration and mineral deposits in the cushions between the vertebrae (cervical disks). This is more common after the age of 40 years.

Risk factors

   Repeated occupational trauma e.g., carrying loads on head, professional dancing, gymnastics may contribute

   Predisposition to development of cervical spondylitis has been reported in certain families; a genetic cause is possible

   Smoking also may be a risk factor

   Conditions like congenitally fused spine, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome etc. may be risk factors for spondylotic disease

   Doing work that demands minute concentration, people who constantly work by bending their neck

   Computer professionals, bike users

   Travelers who travel a long distance and sleep in sitting position

   Telephone operators or persons who often cradle the phone on the shoulder

   Habit of holding neck in one position, drivers who keep the neck in the same position for a long time, watching TV in abnormal positions or when lying down

Homeopathic Treatment for Cervical Spondylitis

Research proven homeopathic treatment offers fantastic pain relief as well as better mobility for Cervical Spondylitis.

What do you expect from Homeopathic treatment?

   Excellent relief in pain and stiffness

   Marked reduction in the inflammation of the disc

   Improved mobility of neck and hands

  Improvement in tingling and numbness which may be there is patients who have nerve compression

   Reduced need for pain killer. You may be able to stop pain killers

   No side effects at all

Duration of treatment

Improvement in the symptoms of Cervical Spondylitis may be experienced in about two to three weeks. The length of treatment depends on the extent of inflammation and compression. Most patients need medication for about six to eight months.