Frequent Cold and Cough

Do you or your child suffer from frequent colds? Sneezing and running nose, nose block and sinusitis, heavy head and sore throat, cough and wheeze? Do you get worse by exposure to dust or pollen?

Are you taking antihistamines which makes you more drowsy?

Tonsils may be considered as two guards standing at the entrance (throat) and protecting the human system against a wide range of intruders such as bacteria, virus, allergens and the like. Tonsils are natural protectors and vital organs of self-defense mechanism of the body. They are like the soldiers fighting on the border who get injured (inflamed) protecting the country.

The key issue is the ‘altered immunity’. Homeopathic medicines are supposed to be working at the immune level whereby enhancement of immunity prevents frequent colds.

The Homeopathic medicine is believed to address the genetic predisposition, enhance the resistance making patient less susceptible to the allergens, infections and the environment.

Homeopathic Solution

Welcome to homeopathic solution to your frequent colds. A short course of medicine for four months may change your life. The medicines are easy to take, absolute safe, may be taken with conventional treatment.

What is the basis of homeopathic medicine?

It’s selection based on the concept that frequent colds results from one or more of the following causative and triggering factors:

   Genetic tendency

   Infections: Bacterial, viral

   Allergens: Food, pollen, dust, mites, others

   Environment: Extreme cold, heat

   Poor health



Common remedies for Cold

   Arsenicum album


   Allium cepa

   Ars iodide

    Hepar sulph


    Pulsatilla… etc