Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes

Success in the homeopathic treatment of any disease depends on following the principles laid down in the philosophy of Hahnemann and expounded by the wisest of his followers as they interpreted these principles in terms which present day prescribers can understand.

These principles are clear, practicable and satisfying. Man is a triune being, spiritual, mental, physical. All diseases, or disorders, partake of these three realms. Therefore, we treat the man, not his organs by themselves. We strive to learn the patient’s reactions to the disorder present, reactions in the spiritual, mental and physical spheres. We become acquainted with him and try to separate the abnormal or morbid in his case from that which is normal.

This means the gathering of symptoms, the arrangement of them for study into the three classes mentioned, making the spiritual the most important, the mental next and the physical last, also making the symptoms predicated of the patient as a whole far more important than those predicated of one part or only a few parts.

It means suiting a remedy to the patient, not to one of his parts, whether this remedy is well known for the disease in question or not. It means preparing the remedy to act on the plane of this particular patient’s disorder. It means watching the results of a prescription and judging there from whether or not a curative process is developing. It means choosing a better remedy or following along with the one first chosen and its complementary remedies.

The homeopathic physician, therefore, has no special treatment for diabetes. The diabetic patient is treated just as every other patient is treated. Like every other case, much depends on how far tissue change has taken place at the beginning of treatment, that is whether this has advanced far enough to render the patient incurable. Homeopathy can cure any curable case of diabetes and it has done wonderful things with diabetics who have been considered incurable by other methods. A so-called incurable may have to return for further treatment at intervals if sugar returns after freedom and good health. Advanced cases may never cease treatment altogether but may live as long as other people and die of something else. Or such a patient may be palliated wonderfully on the way to death.

In diabetics we are dealing with borderland cases, with what is called an ultimate in organic disorder. Homeopathy, used for chronic ills from early life, very rarely develops an ultimate. Its power in prevention is marvelous. But, mind you, I am talking about principles and their practice, not about the weaknesses of human nature and human endeavor in physicians as well as in patients.

You will want to know whether the strictly homeopathic physician uses insulin. I cannot answer for all of them. I know that some will not allow it, will take it away at the beginning of homeopathic treatment, regarding it as an element of interference. Since insulin is not really a drug, I think some permit its use. Of one thing I am sure. A patient accustomed to insulin in large doses over a long period is enabled to reduce that dosage soon after beginning treatment and may cut it down one-half or three-quarters or cut it out altogether. The pancreas, if not too far gone, comes back wonderfully toward normal functioning.

Homeopathy can offer the quickest, gentlest, and safest relief for sports injuries. In fact, I’m surprised we don’t hear that more professional athletes use homeopathy. In my experience, homeopathic remedies can shorten the duration of almost any injury to one-third of its projected length. Let’s start our tour through the world of common exercise injuries and give you the power to speed up the healing process.