Hypertension (High BP)

High Blood pressure is a risky business. Especially when the readings are beyond a certain threshold. For a healthy person above 35 years of age, a reading of 140/90 is considered to be requiring no medication. A more healthy reading is 120/80. When the reading is abnormally high, I strongly disuade the persons to resort to self medication or medication based on advice through internet. A reading of 160/100 is in the range of mild hypertension. Anything over that is considered to be in the danger zone.

That is why, if your reading is above 180/110 please continue with allopathic medicine and side by side take benefit of a homeopathic medicine. This should continue until a lower/manageable range is achieved on a regular basis. Treatment of High BP requires complete analysis of the constitutional symptoms and administration of the constitutional medicine (in case of homeopathy). Combination medicines can be taken without resorting to any analysis.

Other homeopathic medicines (Single remedies) to be considered are:









and a few more.

A patient of hypertension carry’s the risk of heart attack and/or deterioration of the condition of the heart. Consult our homeopathy professionals in Advanced Homeopathic Clinic for advise.