Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) describes a collection of symptoms – both physical and emotional – that afflict many women in the days leading up to a menstrual period. The condition may affect as many as three out of four women aged between 30 and 40, and can last from two days to two weeks.

The causes of premenstrual syndrome include hereditary predisposition, emotional factors and dietary irregularities.


This, the most common type, affects between 65 and 75 per cent of PMS patients and the main symptoms are nervous tension, anxiety, irritability and mood swings.


This type of premenstrual syndrome affects only slightly fewer women than PMS A and is believed to be linked to excessive production of aldosterone, causing salt and water retention. Weight gain is therefore a symptom, as well as swelling and heaviness of the breasts and abdominal bloating.


This type affects 25 to 35 per cent of premenstrual women and is characterized by a craving for sweet things, a bigger appetite, headache, dizziness, palpitations, fainting and tiredness


This type of PMS affects between 25 and 35 per cent of women and is very often found combined with PMS A, which occurs first and then is followed by PMS D symptoms a few days before the start of bleeding. The symptoms include crying, confusion, depression and insomnia.

Other Symptoms of PMS

Skin Disorders, Aches and Pains, More Unusual Physical Symptoms include swollen eyelids; hair loss; sore or numb throat; sinusitis; backache; swelling of the hips and lower back; irritation or burning of the vagina; vaginal discharge; aversion to sexual intercourse; painful intercourse; burning pain in the bladder; increased flatulence; alternate constipation and diarrhoea; cutting pains in the legs; and hot feet. Many women find that their symptoms feel worse generally between about 3 and 5 pm.

Homeopathic Treatment

Constitutional homeopathic treatment is the best course of action in dealing with PMS. The following remedies can be tried in the meantime. Take specific remedies in the 30c potency every 12 hours for up to three days, beginning 24 hours before you would expect symptoms to start.

Sepia, Calcarea, Pulsatilla, Sulphur, Lachesis, Natrum mur. And Nux, are some the homeopathic remedies effective for PMS relief.