Homeopathic treatment:

What needs to be treated in sinusitis is not only the acute infection or inflammation, but also the inherent tendency to have sinusitis repeatedly. Individual tendency to frequent upper respiratory infections or sinusitis can best be treated with homeopathic approach of individualistic treatment. Recurring sinusitis finds wonderful treatment with homeopathy. Homeopathy treats acute infections as well as the tendency to have infections or allergy. It is almost always possible to avoid antibiotics and sinus surgery if one adopts the homeopathic alternative. Homeopathy is strongly suggested for sinusitis.

Sinusitis / Allergic Rhinitis

Sinusitis is an inflammation or infection of one or more of the sinuses. A sinus is a hollow air space in the skull. These are also known as the para-nasal sinuses since they surround the nasal cavity.


The common symptoms of sinusitis include:

   Nasal congestion and discharge that may be yellowish or greenish

   Cough with production of mucus

   Discharge from the back of the nose into the throat

   Bad breath

   Reduced sense of smell/ taste



   Pain in the region of the affected sinus (see the illustration on Sinuses)