Sport Injuries

Homeopathy can offer the quickest, gentlest, and safest relief for sports injuries. In fact, I’m surprised we don’t hear that more professional athletes use homeopathy. In my experience, homeopathic remedies can shorten the duration of almost any injury to one-third of its projected length. Let’s start our tour through the world of common exercise injuries and give you the power to speed up the healing process


Sprained ankles are the most common injury and can occur during sports or recreational activities. A sprain occurs when ligaments become over-stretched or torn. If you land on the side of your foot during aerobics and suddenly feel swelling and a bruised sensation, Arnica (leopard’s bane)* will come to the rescue. Another homeopathic remedy for sprains is Rhus toxicodendron (poison ivy).

Aching Elbows

Every tennis player dreads ‘tennis elbow’ or epicondylitis, which often starts from trying out a new racket, stringing a racket too tightly, or playing too eagerly after an injury. Some other activities that put excessive or repetitive stress on tendon attachments in the elbow include: golfing, weight training, pitching ball, hanging wallpaper, and painting ceilings Ruta graveolens (herb-of-grace), Bellis perennis (daisy), or Rhus tox can stop that nagging ache. Bellis works more deeply than Arnica.


Muscle cramps can occur when a little-used muscle is over-exerted. The sudden cramping pain feels as if the muscles have gathered up in knots. Cramps can occur in any sport at any point during exercise. Magnesia phosphorica (magnesium phosphate) eases muscle spasms and cramps, especially in the legs.