Mohamed Hassan says…

Dr K.Ram is very experienced in this field and homeopathic medicines helps a lot naturally thus 100% safe. They do a lot of wonders where other pharmaceutical medicines don’t. Some illnesses can be cured with the above mentioned medicines without surgeries or operations. Do come down to find out more πŸ™‚
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George Thangappa says…

I have been taking Homeopathy medicine since 2001 after came to know the power of Homeopathy medicine as well as inventor (Dr. Samuel Hahnemann) of Homeopathy. I met Dr.Ram Chandran in 2014 for seeking his help to get a medicine for my son who had fever and identified his platelet count is decreasing which may caused by the dengue fever. Since then, We have been taking medicine from him. He has a good diagnostic skill of analyzing the patient issues and the way he provide the medicine. I would highly recommend his service to everyone who wish to take Homeopathy medicine.
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Lavanya Karthik says…

Dr.Ram is very experienced and skilled in diagnosing… He is very patience to respond our queries….I went to consult him for my Daughter and I like his way of treatment and I start taking for my chronic cold and cough too… I would strongly recommend him for the proper treatment…
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Aditya says…

I was suffering from severe Ulcerative Colitis, having severe abdominal pain and irregular and increased frequency of stools which were semi-solid, filled with mucus, around 6-7 times per day. Within 8 months of treatment with Dr Ramachandran my Ulcerative Colitis is 95% better since I started the treatment. No more abdominal cramps, bowel movements 1-3 times daily and its already formed, no more diarrhea or watery stools. I don’t have flare ups. I don’t have any diarrhea at all. My bowel movements are normal.

And best of all I gained weight because my appetite is back, just like the way I ate before. And since I started taking your pills, I don’t have any flare ups.

One more thing my GI Dr. told me last time that I needed a surgery for my ulcerative colitis, because we tried every medicine and it’s not effective. After starting your treatment, I feel an over all improvement in my health condition. Again thank you for your help and more power to you and all your staff. You are doing a fabulous job.

Sangeetha says…

‘…After referral from a GP, an ultrasound scan from a private doctor showed that Sangeetha had developed a cyst on her left ovary. While ovarian cysts – fluid-filled sacs – are common and usually painless, if they swell, they can cause acute pain and may need to be removed. Sangeetha’s pain was “unbearable”, she says, and her GP thought she would need an operation.

When Sangeetha mentioned her cyst to a friend, she was advised to see local homeopath Dr Ram but was sceptical. “I’d grown up believing diseases were out there waiting to get us. When I saw Dr Ram I was astonished to see my ideas of health turned on their head. He explained to me that homeopathy treats the real causes of illness in the body, not just the symptoms – as conventional medicine does. The whole concept made so much sense to me. It was a huge turning point.

Dr Ram didn’t perform a physical examination. Instead, He asked me about my background, my personality, my emotions, what made me stressed – even my parents’ health. He constructed a picture of me and gave me a remedy made up exactly to treat my left ovary.

Sangeetha left Dr Ram’s homeopathy centre with an open mind, but not expecting a miracle. However, after taking the prescribed pillules, her cyst gradually became less painful; the throbbing stopped; and she never went back to her GP. She is convinced that the homeopathic remedies she took enhanced and perhaps speeded up the healing process.’

Dedhia says…

I had Asthma for last 10 years and was constantly wheezing inspite of being on high dosage of allopathic medicines and inhalers round the clock. The least exertion would trigger off a severe attack of breathlessness that I would dread. I had tried all other kinds of treatment for Asthma but nothing would relieve me. Then finally on the advise of one friend of mine, I opted for homeopathic treatment from Advanced Homeopathy Clinic. It was really surprising that I felt better with homeopathic treatment, for the first time in so many years. My cough and wheezing had settled to the minimum and the dosage of inhalers was also gradually reduced. This was the first time in so many years that I was able to be on a reduced dose of inhalers and was able to stop the other allopathic medicines. Now the attacks of Asthma are not as frequent and as severe as before and I am able to lead a near-normal life again, thanks to Dr Ram in AHC.

Case of Chronic Urticaria

Liew Kheng says…

Last 8 months, I have been suffering from wheals all over the body; it was associated with swelling on eyes, lips and face, the episodes were almost daily. I was put on Antihistamine medications which is the standard conventional treatment for a case of Chronic Urticaria. I approached AHC and started the treatment . with 4 months of medicines I have responded very well to the treatment. The improvement is very good and now the attacks won’t last for more than 24hours and the colour is lighter (more pinkish) the eruptions only cover smaller areas than before. The intensity is less than before as I said above and frequency is less, it would disappear for 1-1.5 weeks. I have been able to stop antihistamine medications after starting treatment from AHC. I never thought I will be able to stop the Antihistamine and still not have any Urticaria, I am grateful to Dr Ram for relieving me of this complaints. Thanks.

Case of GERD

I always thought I will never get rid of my complaints ever since the doctors diagnosed me to have GERD. I just kept visiting several doctors and then taking a series of prescriptions which obviously did not help for long. I visited AHC with the same kind of belief that I just would get better for the time being. To my surprise, every visit that I reported to them my GERD was much better and this was certainly building my confidence and faith in the doctor as well as his medicines. I am still continuing the treatment for GERD with the hope of getting completely better and I am sure the day will come that I would share with readers like you that I am not suffering from GERD any longer.

Case of Dry Eczema

My experience with AHC is very good. I am suffering from dry eczema since last 15 years on my legs. I have taken lots of medicines given by skin specialists, but it is relieved temporarily. After sometime the eczema flares up again. We found some ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors in the network. We identified with Dr Ramachandran name in the field of homeopathic practice and i started my treatment with him. Within 6 months of treatment my eczema has recovered by 85%.

Case of Asthmatic Bronchitis

My Son Vignesh had been diagnosed as having Asthmatic bronchitis and he would require nebulisation and antibiotics to control the attacks. But after starting homoeopathic treatment, his attacks of Asthma have been under good control and he did not require nebulisation anymore. It’s been more than a year now that he has not had any acute attack of Asthma and he is doing very well. Even his tendency to develop recurrent colds is much better now. Thanks to AHC and Dr Ram’s treatment for Asthma, he can now lead a normal life.


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